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For those in need of help
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Monday, March 28th, 2011
4:50 pm
Supporting a non-profit community theatre company

I am one of the two co-founders of the South Devon Players community theatre company, which is based in the South West Of England. We are a non-profit group, specialising in historically themed productions and won the Creativity In The Community Award 2010 last September. 
With the government cutting most funding to the arts, across the board, we are struggling to keep going and develop new projects, and therefore have signed up to various fundraising links, as well as setting up a crowdfunding project for one of our next plays. If you just want to make a paypal donation, thats welcome too, please contact me for details.

You only need to google "south devon players" to find us splattered all over the interney

You can follow us via our main website http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com, or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46022922794), or twitter @sdevonplayers.

Sale of donated ORIGINAL celebrity autographs and other items
We have been donated a lot of authentic signed original items by international celebrities for our fundraising. You can follow the link to our ebid shop here. .

Crowdfunding page for our Lost Templar Fleet and medieval project

We are using crowdfunding, for the first time, to try to raise at least some of the funds for The Lost Templar Fleet show, especially as it is intended to become an ongoing project. Please see the link below to help, or check out any of the other fundraising for the group on this page

Online search engine - uses Yahoo!, Bing & Ask
Every search raises money for the group.
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Are you looking to raise funds for your own non-profit group?
Register for free here to fundraise for your non-profit group or charity. (again, the South Devon Players get a donation if you register using these links).
Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
8:07 am
Raising money for boyfriend's chest surgery
My boyfriend was involved in a serious car crash in the U.K. back in late February 2010. He had just finished his university degree and was all set to come back to Australia. His subsequent hospitalisation and treatment has completely drained our funds and insurance. Recently he developed pulmonary edema and a sliver of bone was discovered lodged in his lung. He needs surgery to remove it, however his doctor will not operate unless we come up with at least half of the surgery fees. The surgery fees total GBP1200 (US$1800).

I have worked hard this year to get a better job and save what I can to send my love but with time running out, it is just not enough.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and go a long way to getting my boyfriend back on his feet, so he can get a job and work towards getting us back together.

Additionally, please forward this to others who may be able to help.
Blog - http://per-il-mio-luca.blogspot.com/
Twitter - per_il_mio_luca

Sunday, March 12th, 2006
7:10 pm
Food Archive
There should be a place for homeless people to go online and find out where all the free meal services are in each city. Sometimes I have to go to completely new towns and it's hard to figure out where things are at first.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
2:05 pm
scholarship out of China
I have a friend who wants to get out of China. Now I'm sure she needs to do a million things to pull this off, but the most pressing is a scholarship to university somewhere. Where can I find a good scholarship for a Chinese citizen wishing to attend college elsewhere? She is currently 16 and will be 17 when she graduates. She has studied Chinese classical dancing for 10 years and English (the language) for 4. Her dancing is top of her class, but she would rather do a different kind of dancing at university (hip-hop, tap dancing, etc.) Her English is decent, and rapidly improving. She is also considering studying English or teaching at univerisity. She needs to find a scholarship as soon as possible, because of the red tape involved.

Does anyone have any ideas? I was going to try fastweb.com, but I don't know if that even applies to non-Americans. Does anyone know any foreign students from China or the East that are studying on scholarship? How did they do it? Does anyone know any universities policies regarding this? Or people I could ask? Places I could leave this post? Anything would be appreciated.

Monday, September 5th, 2005
7:22 pm
just found out about this freecycle thing, thought of here. you join and then see what people near you want to get rid of. not sure how good it is, but looks like it's worth a look.

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
5:57 pm
Help needed for Katrina victim
The devastation, death, and mayhem that Hurricane Katrina left in her
wake is truly overwhelming. Many are donating to the Red Cross
and other organizations, trying to help in some way. Some may be
assisting personally or in various other ways.

 One person I am in touch with is rising_fenix 
. Chad is a very generous, loving guy who has been through some heartbreaking situations in his young life already. He has had to start over more times than I have and I'm twice his age. He has been taken advantage of by those he should be able to trust, and now he has once again been displaced with nothing
more than a few clothes and some mementos of the mother he lost a few years ago. He is living on the goodness of a friend right now who is also a hurricane victim. I don't know his friend's situation, but I know that Chad needs help. He hasn't asked for it, he never does, but he always appreciates it when people show they care.

 Please, do not take away from other efforts you're involved in, but if you can spare a dollar or two and feel
so inclined, donate to this paypal account. I assure you 100% of this will go to Chad. It was an account I was
using for myself, but I decided to put the remaining balance I have in it toward this need as well as anything else
put into this account. Use the donation button here.

Thanks for caring.

If you don't use Paypal but wish to contribute, comment and I'll send you my address.

Current Mood: worried
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
1:00 pm
Things are REALLY getting tight now!
Well it looks like I am going to have to ask my church to help me with my rent or give/lend me some money. Hopefully they will. I don't even have enough in the bank to cover next months rent let alone the bills.
I hope maybe my son can spare some money.
I am really getting scared and worried now.
I applied for some more jobs/work,etc. but nothing is definite. Even if I do get a job I won't be getting paid right away so that is a big problem.
What bothers me is that many of these temp places don't do direct deposit, that is a problem.
The job I checked into yesterday is very closed to where I live so I wouldn't burn up a lot of gas going there and back but it's only a 36 hour a week job. In some ways I like that in others I don't. I don't like it in the fact that I really need a full 40 hour job. It's also a "telemarketing" job selling magazines but it's to people who already have the sub or it's about to expire.
Well I guess that's about all I have to say. Please pray that I get something soon and that somehow someone can help me out financially. I really don't want to have to go back on welfare. I think I'd rather die first!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
7:15 pm
I need help!!!!!
OK- I know I'm not the only one out there in this situation. Believe me, if I had it in my means to help someone else I surely would. I hope to be in that position someday.
I am currently out of work and very low on funds.
This Tuesday I will have to probably max out my credit card because the car needs work and I don't have work and well ....as I was saying.
I am also getting ready to apply to be a telemarketer as the temp services aren't getting me any long term jobs/assignments.

Anyway- if you can help me out via a PayPal donation I would greatly appreciate it. I am not just another person begging for money. That is to say- I don't want it just so I can get rich quick. I don't think that's gonna happen. I have a huge hospital bill which is well over ten thousand dollars. It's going to take me forever to pay it. As of this date they want me to pay $150 every month and I'm finding that hard to do.
Well anyway - even if you can't help financially- Please pray for me. As I said- I do appreciate it and I am grateful. If you have any ideas of where or how I can get help - let me know. I wonder if I wrote to Bill Gates if he would even read the letter????

Click on the following link to read my sad story:



Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
8:42 pm
I am looking for ways, ideas, addresses, etc, to help a friend in need. He is 18 and was starting college to become a surgeon. His life has been very tumultuous and he was starting to rise above it all, but finances and stresses caused him to leave school last year. He is trying his best to be independent because depending on his family is the worst thing in the world for him, but in so doing, it has put him in some perilous and sad situations as far as roomies, and health, etc. I don't want to go into detail on that, but I'm very concerned for him, and know the longer it goes like this, the less likely he will be to follow his dream because he's just trying to exist. I live 15 hours away from him and don't have too much myself, so I'm not in a position to be of much more than a morale booster to him.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure appreciate hearing them. I am preparing to write letters to some celebrity talk show hosts who help people sometimes. I've also thought of selling some things I make to raise money, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up as I work two jobs already. Then you get into shipping to other places and all. I want to be as effective as possible.

Current Mood: hopeful
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